MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Members of the United Campus Workers distributed free N-95 masks Tuesday to students and staff on the Middle Tennessee State University campus. The spike in cases due to the omicron surge has some staff and students concerned that not enough is being done to prevent the spread.

Dr. Jeremy Aber, an Associate Professor of Geography at MTSU, was handing out masks along with the United Campus Workers. He said his main concern is the health of MTSU students, “I’m really worried about my students. And it’s not just the campus. The campus is part of it because we’re all in classrooms, lots of students crammed together. But so many of them work. They go to Walmart, to McDonald’s. They’re in jobs where they’re forced to be in contact with the general public.”

Getting some students to wear masks in class is a challenge. “We are a little bit hampered by Governor Lee’s signing of the law last year that prohibits the university from implementing mask mandates,” said Dr. Aber.

The United Campus Workers and Dr. Aber hope the free masks will encourage more students and staff to protect themselves, “I think it’s fairly clear that the N95 or KN95 do offer more enhanced protection, coverage for versus the surgical mask.”

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