MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A grieving family is sharing their heartache with hopes no other family has to suffer the same pain. Becca Stockton, 25, was killed Wednesday night at her Murfreesboro apartment at the hands of her boyfriend, according to police.

Shaleem Hamilton, 41, was arrested in Kentucky and now faces a first-degree murder charge in Becca’s death.

Shaleem Hamilton (Source: Murfreesboro Police Department)

The Stocktons say they believe the justice system will play out, with their focus shifting to the dangers of mental health.

“We should be planning a wedding, not a funeral right now,” Becca’s brother, Michael Stockton, said with tears in his eyes.

The reality is hard to grasp inside the family’s home that’s bustling with out-of-town guests visiting to say farewell to Becca.

“She was literally stolen,” her mom, Chris, cried.

Although young in years, at just 25, Becca lived a full life.

“I can say the world is a worse place without her. She really loved people and if I can say anything about her, she brightened up the room when she walked in,” her father, Randy, told News 2.

Becca’s piercing green eyes and vibrant corkscrew curly hair painted the outside of a genuine good-doer with a witty sense of humor and loving nature that drew friends and strangers alike.

“You could really look into the eyes or you could see her kindness and just the beauty of her soul through her eyes,” said Chris.

It was Becca’s servant’s heart that her family says would ultimately be the death of her.

“That’s what got her killed is trying to help him,” her father said.

After a year of trying with her boyfriend Hamilton, Becca was packing up Wednesday and moving home.

“He had told her that he was going to check into the hospital and he was going to do all these things to get help and she was so happy and so excited and she was so sure that she was doing the right thing. The very last text message that she ever sent me after we hung up on that phone call she said, ‘he is getting better, it was worth it,’ and it was probably just 45 minutes later, he took her life,” her brother cried.

Becca was found shot multiple times at the couple’s Fortress Grove apartment, leaving Becca’s father grasping hold of his final moments with his little girl.

“She hugged me and gave me a kiss and said, ‘Daddy, I’ll see you in a little bit.’ I thought I’d see her that night and I’ll never see her again,” Randy said. “She’s gone. I’ll see her when I get to heaven, but beyond that, hug your children, hug your families. Don’t ever leave upset because you’re not promised tomorrow.”

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Photos and a few locks of Becca’s ringlets comfort the heartbroken family, looking to count their blessings through tragedy.

“I tell you, the blessing of God has helped me through this. My daughter was just murdered a couple of days ago and I can stand up and walk. I mean, I’ve had bad times. God, there’s times I break down, but the comforter has come and he’s at my heart and he’s helping me through this because there’s no other way I could do it. There’s just no other way,” explained Randy. 

That power he says gives the family strength to spread their message to others who may be struggling.

“If this example of what can happen if you don’t go get help can show somebody that it’s time to go get help, and in turn, maybe some brother out there doesn’t have to feel what I feel right now. That would be the best way to honor Rebecca, and she would be so happy to know that even in her death, she was able to help one more person,” said Michael.

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A GoFundMe account was created to help the family bury Becca, which they were able to do.

The Stocktons say they were moved by the outpouring of donations and that they plan to give any extra funds to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center in Rutherford County.