MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Rutherford County’s property assessor wants to end property taxes for senior citizens.

Assessor Rob Mitchell is seeking a meeting with Governor Bill Lee to pitch an update to Tennessee’s current policy.

Mitchell is proposing the removal of taxes for retirees who are 65 years old and meet residency requirements. He said the removal will offer “essential financial relief” to homeowners who live on a fixed income.

Dear Governor Lee,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as the Rutherford County Assessor of Property to request your support for a proposal to expand the current Tennessee Property Tax Relief Program. This expansion would significantly benefit our cherished retirees and our great state as a whole.

In Tennessee, we take immense pride in our long-term homeowners who have tirelessly worked to shape our communities. The current property tax relief program, designed to support homeowners aged 65 who meet income requirements, has undoubtedly been a positive step in recognizing their contributions. However, I firmly believe that we can further enhance the program’s impact by extending it to provide full reimbursement of property taxes for these golden homeowners. I propose the complete removal of property taxes for retirees who are age 65 and who meet minimum residency requirements.

The benefits of such an expansion are multifaceted. Firstly, it would offer essential financial relief to those homeowners who, in many cases, rely on fixed incomes. By alleviating the burden of property taxes, we enable them to continue residing in their homes, where their wisdom and experiences continue to enrich our communities.

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Secondly, improving the financial situation of these homeowners will increase spending within our local economies. This, in turn, will stimulate growth and economic vitality at the community level. Additionally, it sends a strong message that Tennessee is committed to supporting retirees, making our state an attractive destination for those looking to settle down and enjoy their well-deserved retirement years.

I am fully aware that this expansion will require a substantial investment when implemented statewide. It is indeed a significant commitment, and I acknowledge the need for careful consideration of the financial implications. Nevertheless, I urge you to view this as an investment in the financial well-being of our long-term homeowners, and also in the overall prosperity and future of Tennessee.

Expanding the property tax relief program is a clear demonstration of our commitment to building strong communities and honoring the dedication of our residents. By supporting these homeowners, stimulating our local economies, and attracting retirees, we lay a solid foundation for a more prosperous and welcoming Tennessee.

In addition to the benefits I have mentioned, I would like to add that this expansion would also help to address the issue of housing affordability in Tennessee. As housing costs continue to rise, many long-term homeowners are struggling to afford to stay in their homes. This expansion would help to ensure that these homeowners can continue to live in their communities, where they have deep roots and ties.

I kindly request your support in making this proposal a reality. Together, we can create a brighter future for our great state and its cherished residents.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rob Mitchell, Assessor of Property, Rutherford County Tennessee

A petition on has garnered more than 1,200 signatures.