MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s not brand new technology, but it’s one that could help save your life minutes matter. 

The Murfreesboro Emergency Communications Center has been utilizing a program that helps find your precise location and quickly shares it with first responders. 

The app is called “what3words” and is able to pinpoint your exact location that coordinate with a set of three words.  

“If they’re not at a street address, or maybe they’re on the greenway, any tools that we have to narrow that down quicker actually correlates to time and emergency services being on scene quicker,” said Seth Russell, Emergency Communications Director for the City of Murfreesboro.  

That’s where the what3words technology comes in, which is both an app and one of the systems integrated into the City of Murfreesboro’s 911 center.  

“It was a company that developed an alternate addressing method and they divide the world up by 10-by-10-foot squares,” Russell said. “So each 10-by-10-foot square anywhere in the world will have a unique what3words address that we can use to help to relay to first responders.” 

Since getting the technology a little over a year ago, it’s already proven useful, helping locate two lost teenage girls in Barfield Park. 

“Our 911 telecommunicator used those tools, passed that what3words to the fire personnel on scene and they were able to basically locate where exactly they were on that trail,” Russell said.

The app is free to download and is also being utilized in major cities, like Austin, Dallas, and Los Angeles. 

The city of Murfreesboro wants to emphasize this is one of several technologies they use to help find you in an emergency. Also, 911 operators can usually find your three words just by you making the call, however, having those three words ready to tell them can help save time and get someone to you sooner.