MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) —”Honestly you’re my last hope,” said Mark Bachman.

For weeks Bachman has been stuck in a dilemma.

He was using a trash company called First Class Waste in Murfreesboro because they offered door pickup to seniors and people with disabilities.

“This one had good high reviews and so we went with them, and they did provide us good service when they were picking up the trash,” said Bachman.

But after a missed trash pick-up in late August, he soon learned the company was stopping service.

One Waste Solutions was taking over and only offered curbside pickup.

“After several contacts with First Class Waste and One Waste about a resolution to the problem with the trashcans going down to the road versus them picking them up, we were told we could get a refund,” said Bachman.

He had paid for trash pick-up for the rest of the year but was promised a refund two weeks ago.  He still hasn’t received it.

“I’m not understanding this,” said Bachman. “If the two of you merged together and you’re one company, why are you acting like you’re two companies? If you are one company now the money is all coming out of the same kitty.”

Charles Oliver is Bauchman’s neighbor and also waiting for a refund of over $250 dollars.

“I feel like they’ve just took advantage of us,” he said.

Bauchman is elderly and just had a knee replacement. His wife Barbara also uses a cane so the door pick-up service was something they needed.

“I asked about the money and they said we should get it back in two weeks or so, and I can’t even get ahold of nobody now,” he said.

Bachman says he and Oliver have found a new trash company but says he just wants someone to step up and fix things.

“Do I think I’m going to get a refund,” he said. “Probably not, but it sure would be nice especially for my neighbors, especially for my neighbors. That’s a lot of money.”

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Bachman was told the two companies had merged, but News 2 reached out to One Waste Solutions, who said they purchased First Class Waste.

Their CEO Joe Spagnuolo sent a statement that reads:

“One Waste Solutions is a curbside-only residential garbage company.  

As far as the acquisition of First Class Waste a few weeks ago, both companies are working diligently together in order to make this transition as smooth as possible.  

Because One Waste received customer information that did not identify non curbside residents, we have along with the help of the folks at First Class Waste, working together to identify and resolve these issues. 

Anyone who has prepaid for services with First Class and is not being serviced by One Waste will be refunded by One Waste Solutions.”

One Waste Soluttions CEO Joe Spagnuolo

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News 2 also reached out to the owner of First Class Waste, who sent the following statement:

“We are working together with One Waste Solutions to make sure all of our customers are taken care of. This is a process to align the books. Everyone that is due a refund will be refunded in the coming weeks.”

First Class Waste Co-owner Lisa Castleman