MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – The director of player personnel for the Middle Tennessee State University football team is under investigation after being arrested for indecent exposure.

On Sunday, Murfreesboro police arrested 29-year-old Nicholas Woodley at the Target store on Old Fort Parkway where police said he allegedly exposed himself to an underaged girl.

Investigators said there could be more victims and they are asking anyone with information to come forward and call Murfreesboro police.

According to the police department, Woodley was arrested at the store after someone called to report him. However, the alleged incident with the female teenager allegedly happened the day before.

The preliminary investigation shows Woodley allegedly exposed himself to a teenager on Saturday, Oct. 14. Woodley returned to the Target on Sunday and was arrested after police responded to a call from a person who grew suspicious of Woodley. The investigation revealed Woodley frequented the store for the past five days.

According to a police affidavit, Woodley allegedly approached the female teen, complimented her outfit, then moved the shopping basket he was holding, revealing his genitals to the young female.

Officers reviewed surveillance video at the store and confirmed the alleged incident involved Woodley.

When Woodley was arrested, police seized his cellphone which the young victim told police Woodley was using during the alleged incident.

Nicholas Woodley mugshot
Nicholas Woodley(Courtesy: Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office)

Though the report said Woodley didn’t say anything, he did give police the pass code to his phone which has been entered as evidence.

According to the MTSU website, Woodley is in his fifth season on Rick Stockstill’s football staff.

News 2’s Andy Cordan went to Woodley’s apartment not far from the MTSU campus and spoke to a woman named Jessica, who said she is Woodley’s girlfriend.

Here is that exchange:

Jessica: We have no comment. This is something, I think, there is bigger stories out there, the facts are not all there. It is unfortunate I think with the news and others talking about it; it is unfortunate because if exaggerated, it’s a charge, not a conviction.

Cordan: I get it. The charge is serious? It is exposing yourself to a child.

Jessica: It was not a child.

Cordan: Well, [the report] says juvenile.

Jessica: Right.

Cordan: If you think there is something to say on his behalf, now is the time to say it.

Jessica: He has worked at MTSU for six years. Football programs are seven days a week, most every week but three out of the year. That man has worked there six plus years, never missed a day, never called in, never late, really committed to the program. I don’t know how this will turn out for his career, I but hope that it doesn’t get exaggerated because of what some young lady said. I can vouch for his credit, his credibility.

Cordan: So the charges don’t match up with the guy you are telling me about?

Jessica: No, absolutely not, and football staff cannot say anything at this time, but if they could they would vouch for him. He is an incredible man. He is a godly man.

Cordan: What do you mean?

Jessica: We are very religious and he was raised in a religious home and it is very unfortunate. The real sadness today, and no offense to you is, with the news and what’s said online, it can ruin lives very fast when put out there in false pretense.

Cordan: Anything else?

Jessica: I got to give credit where credit is due. Something like this should not define a person, especially it is not a conviction. It is a charge…much more to this story than that.

Cordan: Is it possible the juvenile is making this up?

Jessica: I cannot comment on that it is a case. I know the person I am with him and still standing with him, so if me being in a relationship with someone like that, if I can stand here at my age, saying no, there’s enough credit there, that I won’t just walk away. I won’t condemn him for that, then I know there’s a lot of credit there to give.

On Monday, the mother of the alleged 14-year-old victim sent News 2 this message:

“This was a traumatic experience for my daughter. No one should have to go through this. She has had nightmares since and does not want to leave the house.

“I understand the legal system has to follow certain protocols and procedures, but it is sickening that this man is back on the streets after just two hours of being incarcerated. There should have been a higher bond for a crime such as vile as this. There are people being obtained at much larger bonds for petty crime and the fact that this man can continue to do such acts and ruin young girl’s lives until justice is actually served is disheartening at the least.”

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MTSU has issued a statement on Woodley’s arrest, which reads:

“Nic Woodley has been suspended as we continue gathering information on the incident. We are disappointed and take these matters very seriously.”

News 2 checked with Metro Nashville Police records and found out Woodley got busted in Metro Nashville in March of 2020 for DUI after officers reportedly found him asleep behind the wheel with his foot on the brake.