MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man described the dramatic moment he lunged into a burning car to pull the driver and passenger free after a head-on crash Thursday morning in Murfreesboro.

Matthew Warren says it was just like any other day.

“I went and got my morning donut holes from Country Donut,” Warren said.

But on his way to work, around 6 a.m., the unthinkable happened — a car veered into his lane, hitting Warren head-on.

“I thank god that I was in the F-350. Any other vehicle, would not have been that lucky,” Warren said.

In the seconds after the crash, near the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Warren jumped out of his truck.

“It happened very quickly I saw sparks in front of me and truly in Tennessee, I thought somebody was dragging a bumper. I don’t know if I smelled smoke or if I had smoke from the airbag in my face, but something told me to get out of the truck,” Warren said.

Still in shock, Warren started pulling people out of the wrecked car right before it burst into flames.

“They were in horrible condition when I pulled them out,” Warren said.

Now, the community hailing the Murfreesboro native a hero.

“I definitely don’t deserve the name hero. I was put inside a situation that was extreme and I rose to the challenge is the way I look at it,” Warren said.

Warren said he has some minor bumps and bruises but is thankful to have walked away from the crash alive.

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“I think everyone who was there was there for a reason, and it needed to be done. There were people in danger and needed to be rescued and I was the one who was on the side of the car,” Warren said.