MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new car club has rolled into Middle Tennessee and this one is all about the cars of the future.

The one word that sticks out when you talk to members of the Middle Tennessee Electric EV Car Club is power. 

“The power, the utility of it, and the simplicity of it, love not having to stop at the gas station anymore, it’s great,” explained Lee Moore, proud owner of the brand-new Ford Lightning since September. He said it’s a decision he wouldn’t go back on. 

“Me personally, it’s a no brainer. Especially if you’re not commuting or hauling a lot, this is kind of an around town utility truck for me and it just works perfectly,” Moore said.

He’s not the only one. Brandon Wagoner owns of a Tesla Model Y and helped get the club up and running.

“People that have electric vehicles are so passionate about them and so excited, they’re similar to people who have classic cars,” Wagoner said. 

Wagner added the numbers prove this isn’t a trend that’s going away anytime soon. 

“It certainly seems like there’s more and more data that points to the fact that they’re here to stay and probably growing,” Wagoner said.

Members of the group market the car club where ownership is not required, you only have to be passionate about electric vehicles. Members in the club have a place to share resources and ask questions all while finding community over a shared interest.

“We also know that MTE has more electric vehicles than any other power company in the state of Tennessee. So we feel like we’re obligated to be a leader,” Wagoner said.

The EV Car Club recently launched a podcast titled, “Plugged In,” as a space to host conversations surround electric vehicles. The podcast can be found on Apple and Spotify with new episodes released every two weeks.

For owners and enthusiasts this group appears to be the new club in town for anyone looking to get plugged in to electric vehicles.  

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