MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A recent string of car burglaries in Rutherford County has caused multiple unintended consequences, including the loss of a job. Eleven cars and trucks, an ATV and a motorized scooter were stolen in Murfreesboro Monday morning around 5 a.m.

However, police still haven’t named a suspect or have a clear motive for the thefts.

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A spokesperson for the Murfreesboro Police Department said when two of the cars stolen by underage guys crashed, the thieves started firing at law enforcement.

The bullets didn’t hurt any of the officers, but one of the casings was still in one of the victim’s cars when she got it back Tuesday.

Janeice Young moved to Murfreesboro three weeks ago and had found a job in Nashville. She said she was going to work Monday morning when she looked around and couldn’t find her car.

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“I came out and I was like, ‘I know I parked right here.’ I didn’t see anything; I didn’t see my car, but there were bags – someone’s purse had been left there and I was like, ‘That wasn’t there when I parked,” Young said.

But even though her car is back outside her new house, Young said it’s unsafe to drive because the driver’s side door won’t close and the front bumper looks as though the thieves hit a tree.

In order to avoid getting fired for not being able to reliably get to work in the morning, she quit.

“I don’t want to be inconsistent with my attendance. They are very strict on attendance,” she said.

Other things she found when she got her car back tell a confusing story: her back seats are cut up, there was a soda cup and cigarettes in the front seat and the TV that was still in her back seat was still there, but her credit cards and ID were stolen.

(Courtesy: Janeice Young)

Police said while they do have some persons of interest in mind, none of been caught and there are still vehicles left to recover.

“As of this point we don’t know what they will be doing with those vehicles; those are questions our detectives are asking, so hopefully before long we will have these subjects off the street,” Murfreesboro Police Department Spokesperson Lt. Larry Flowers said.

Young said no matter who the thieves are, she is praying for them.

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“I guess they don’t know how they impact other people’s lives with their decisions,” she said. “So hopefully they change their lives or turn themselves around,”

For now Young is relying on her family to help her get around while she waits for her insurance company to get back to her. But she hates feeling like a burden and now being in a new city without a job.

“It just kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth for where I’m starting. You know? I came here for a new start, and this is the beginning of that,” she said.

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Police also said multiple break-ins have been reported in Murfreesboro and 99% of the time, the car doors are unlocked and or a key is still in the car.