RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Inflation is impacting many families in Middle Tennessee – especially when it comes to food.

In Rutherford County, “blessing boxes” are scattered throughout and have been in high demand the entire summer.

Three times a week Scott Kruger is looking for food in Smyrna’s Church of Christ Blessing Box; his need is something Sandy Wright is well aware of.

She has encountered plenty of people in Rutherford County looking for their next meal.

“We have people that live outdoors that use a box,” she said. “People that live in their cars that use the boxes. We have families that live in motels that use the boxes. We have families that have their own homes that use the boxes. Just anyone that is in need is welcome to come get a blessing out of the blessing box.”

Wright is one of the organizers of the Facebook group Blessing Boxes of Rutherford County.

Over 4,000 people are in the group helping to fill or build blessing boxes throughout the county. The boxes contain food items that people can take for free if they need it.

“Our community members are the superstars,” said Wright. “They are the ones that go out and go shopping. They’re the ones that come by and check the boxes and make sure they’re working properly and fill them, so truly this is a community box.”

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But Wright says the need for these boxes has become more apparent, especially this summer.

“Now that inflation is going up, the price of gas is going up, the prices of groceries is going up…you know our families are living paycheck-to-paycheck that are barely getting by really need and have utilized these boxes and all the blessings that are put in them,” she said.

Wright says there are currently 23 boxes located throughout the county, with new ones in the works for places like Smyrna, La Vergne and even Christiana.

Wondering what your next meal might be is the reality for Kruger, but as long as there’s a blessing box around, Wright and others will work to make sure it has food inside it.

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“Truly it is a large group of people that live in Rutherford County that are blessing each single box every single day,” she said.

You can find the list of blessing boxes in Rutherford County here.