MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — Just a few days after a Rutherford County student was hit and killed by a car, two more students were hit walking to school Tuesday morning.

“I’m just confused,” said Kaydyn Hamby. “I don’t even remember the car hitting me. I just remember being there.”  

Hamby is only three days into her 8th-grade year, but it only took seconds for everything to change.

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“I don’t really know all that happened,” she said. “It just kind of happened.”  

Hamby and her friend were walking to Blackman Middle School when she was hit by a car. “It was just my legs because, I think, when I fell I was sitting on my legs, and so I couldn’t really stand up or anything,” she said.

Her mother Ashleigh couldn’t believe the news when she got the call. “My heart stopped,” she said. “The first thing I could think of was the kid last week, and my heart stopped thinking something was worst. When I found out she was okay it was a relief.” 

Last Friday, a Rutherford County student was hit and killed by a car on her first day of school, and that’s all that was running through family members’ minds.

“My first thought when I got the call is I thought about that kid and this could have ended up like that,” said aunt Emilee Littleton. “That’s heartbreaking to think about.”  

Littleton said she was there and spoke to the driver at the scene. “She didn’t really say anything—She just kind of sat in her car.”  

Hamby said it’s hard to walk, and suffered a minor concussion, bruises, and a chipped tooth, but her family is grateful she’s alive.

They’re also pleading with drivers to slow down, especially in school zones.  

“It could have been worse,” said Ashleigh. “My kid could not be here. So people just speeding through here…like you know it’s a school zone. You could have really taken somebody’s child from their family that absolutely loves them.”

Tennessee Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident.

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According to Hamby’s family, she’ll return to school Monday and, as of now, she’ll start riding the bus instead of walking to school.