Murfreesboro police investigating uptick in car thefts

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MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nearly 60 cars were stolen in Murfreesboro over the last 80 days.

“We tend to see a rise in the summer time, as school lets out and things of that nature cause…we do have a problem with juvenile crime as most cities across the state are experiencing these days,” said Tommy Massey, Detective Sergeant for the Murfreesboro Police Department.

Since April 1, 57 cars have been taken from homes and apartment complexes.

“It’s crazy, especially in this neighborhood because I see so many kids out here so you wouldn’t expect it to be like that,” said Murfreesboro resident Benjamin Taylor.

Investigators say most of the cars were stolen by people who have some sort of relationship with the owners.

“We refer to those vehicles as ‘breach of trust,'” Massey explained. “They loan vehicles to someone…some times in drug transactions and things of that nature. So someone used a vehicle in exchange for narcotics, and then these folks won’t bring the vehicle back.”

While most victims in those cases just want their car back, investigators are encouraging people to press charges, even if they personally know the person who committed the crime.

“A lot of these cars are used to commit robberies, homicides and shootings,” Massey said. “It’s much more dangerous in today’s society when these cars get stolen, so we have to be much more cautious. We want to make sure there’s going to be prosecution.”

Police in Murfreesboro have also seen a 39 percent increase in thefts from motor vehicles. Massey suggests installing a lock box in your car to store your firearm and valuables.

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