FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Two weeks from the mayoral election, multiple City of Franklin aldermen are calling one of the candidates an embarrassment and for her to be censured.

During a regular meeting of the City of Franklin Mayor and Board of Aldermen, four members of the board spoke out against mayoral candidate and Alderman Gabrielle Hanson.

“We’ve never faced such profound and egregious behaviors from our city leadership,” said Alderman Matt Brown.

Hanson has been the subject of a number of recent controversies ranging from making unfounded claims about the Covenant School shooting to being accompanied by men identified as white nationalists at a recent event.

After a series of negative local, national, and international headlines, some of Hanson’s colleagues said they would censure her that evening if city rules allowed it.

“Franklin is better than this,” said Alderman Jason Potts. “No one could see this embarrassment we have had to suffer through because of you…this house will slowly erode away if we don’t stop this nonsense now.”

Alderman Brandy Blanton echoed many of her colleagues’ rebukes of Hanson and said, “It’s embarrassing to end up on HBO, to end up on MSNBC and not for the good stuff, and it’s all traced down to one source.”

Former Franklin Mayor John Schroer spoke during the public comment period and mentioned his close relationship with Hanson’s predecessor on the board.

“The campaign you are running has brought disgrace to the state of Tennessee, the city of Franklin, BOMA, and the chair you are currently sitting in,” Shroer said.

After listening to four aldermen’s comments, Hanson responded defiantly.

“This is the old adage of you reap what you sow,” Hanson said.

Hanson went on to address the men identified as Nazis who recently accompanied her to a candidate forum.

“This is exactly the seeds that you sowed in your harvest is now here, and they were here because they are an anti-Antifa group and the dark web is showing massive Antifa activity, and I don’t denounce any of my clients. I have a Black client, a lesbian client, a Muslim client. I have Brad Lewis as a client. I’m a realtor. I’m not going to denounce anybody their right to be whatever it is that they want to be, whether I agree with what they do in their personal life or not.”

Early voting for the mayoral election goes until Thursday, Oct. 19. The election will be held Tuesday, Oct. 24.