MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) — Alleviating traffic in Mt. Juliet is a pretty well-received idea, but how to go about doing that is a different story.  

Last week, News 2 spoke with Bill and Andy Ligon, who didn’t like northern alignment options B and C, which would run through their farmland. Option A, which would widen South Greenhill Road, is also meeting resistance.   

“My grandfather bought this farm in the very early 1900s across the road and here, 70 acres,” Greenhill Road resident Linda Smith said. 

Smith and her granddaughter, Destinee, now live on that inherited land and don’t want to see a widened road take up any more of their property.

“I just hate to see farmland destroyed,” Linda said. “I mean, this road is so busy as it is.” 

Roughly two decades ago, they say they already lost part of their land through eminent domain. 

“It would just really upset me a lot to see. I mean, that’s like our family’s legacy and our family’s history, so I don’t want to see that torn up anymore,” Destinee said.  

The City of Mt. Juliet says infrastructure is its highest priority and outside consultants have identified the best options for this project.

“If the city has to wind up purchasing it from you, you get what that land value is plus some from the City of Mt. Juliet, so we’re not taking anything from anybody and definitely we’re in the early stages of this, just the discussion stages,” Public Information Officer Justin Beasley said.  

The Ligons and Smiths hope the city will consider alternatives that don’t include using part of their land.

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“There has to be some other way, some other path for them to take and it doesn’t have to be our road or their road but they just need to figure something else out,” Destinee said.