MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 sat down with a Mt. Juliet police officer who helped catch a man who got behind the wheel of a stolen ambulance.   

Police said the suspect stole the vehicle from a Hermitage hospital before leading a police pursuit on a chase that ended in a crash in front of an apartment complex.  

The officer who helped make the arrest is now thanking his four-legged partner. 

“Me and Citron have been partners for two years,” said Jordan Brown, Citron’s handler for the Mt. Juliet Police Department. 

Citron has quite the resume when it comes to catching criminals.   

“He plays a huge role in the department as far as finding suspects, illegal narcotics, weapons used in crimes,” Brown said. 

According to Brown, Citron has apprehended many violent and wanted offenders.  

“He’s a lot faster than us, so if a really bad guy runs from a car and we need to bring him into custody, I can just let him go,” Brown said. 

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday, after a suspect driving a stolen ambulance entered Mt. Juliet. After the suspect crashed outside an apartment complex, he ran off. However, Citron and Brown were not far behind.   

“I gave [the suspect] warnings several times and told him that he better stop or I’m going to let him go and he turned around and knew I wasn’t kidding,” Brown said. 

This latest incident served as one of countless cases where Citron has safely brought the suspect into custody.

“He’s found people that have committed aggravated assaults; he’s apprehended fugitives that have stolen multiple cars, that have rap sheets that are just full of auto thefts,” Brown said. 

Brown said it’s work that Citron wasn’t only trained, but born to do.   

“Yeah, we are attached to the hip. He goes home with me, comes to work with me. He lives for this; every time he sees me in uniform, he does spins in his kennel,” Brown said. 

Mt. Juliet police said Citron has also assisted in a few searches for missing people as well during his time on the force.