MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) — What would you do if 2,000 pounds of kale appeared on your doorstep? One Mt. Juliet farm gave it away for free Thursday.

Sarah Dobson, who is married to the owner of Dobson Farms told News 2 the more than 300 crates of kale were meant for a salad-making company in Smyrna, but when they arrived, they were turned away because of the temperature.

“We got a phone call from a semi-truck driver who said he had about 11 to 13 palettes that were rejected because they were about two degrees too cold,” Dobson said.

The semi-truck driver needed to get rid of the kale, but several churches and food banks turned it down. Then, he called Dobson Farms.

The kale was delivered to Mt. Juliet Wednesday night—Dobson soon realized just how much kale it was.

They realized they couldn’t use all the kale and were unable to sell it because they didn’t grow it, so the farm made a post on social media explaining the situation. They added they were giving it away for free.

“The first time we did this it was with tomatoes,” Dobson said. “There were about 30 people that showed up, it was gone within a couple of hours, but it was nothing like this.”

Within 30 minutes of the post, Dobson said several people arrived to bag up the kale. People were dumping cratefuls into their trucks’ beds and hauling off large trash bags filled with the leafy green vegetable.

“Free is the best price,” Eric Musgrave, a Dobson Farms customer said. “[I was] excited, I got up, I got my boots on, I’m ready, I’m loading, I’m getting it.”

Musgrave plans to use the kale to feed his chickens and ducks. Others collected kale to donate to food banks and animal sanctuaries, and many took some home to eat.

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The kale was gone within several hours, but Dobson Farms has plenty of other produce, for a price.

They’re open seven days a week from noon to 6 pm. Click here to visit Dobson Farms’ website.