A clinic that provides abortion services has opened in Mt. Juliet and less than a week into operation, major hurdles may lie ahead. 

The nonprofit, Carafem, lists 5002 Crossings Circle, Suite 330 as the address of their new clinic on their website. The announcement of the clinic’s opening has been met with controversy from residents and elected officials. 

On Sunday night, the Mt. Juliet City Commission held a special meeting to amend a zoning ordinance. Some Mt. Juliet residents, like Greg Locke, believe the amendment will push the carafem clinic out of the city or at least, its current location. 

“I’m very proud of my city tonight, I appreciate the Mayor and all the city officials. They did this swiftly, correctly, and legally. So yes, I’m very proud of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.” said Greg Locke 

Locke, known for his outspoken beliefs, is the pastor of Global Vision Bible Church. He said his church plans to push back against the clinic. 

“I went straight to the abortion clinic right after they opened and I did a video, and within 45 minutes I was on phone with the Mayor and city officials, letting them know I was going to speak out against it.” 

The change to the zoning ordinance now defines “Industrial Districts” as the specific geographic location within the city, where abortion clinics may operate. 

Mt. Juliet mayor, Ed Hagerty, spoke about how the zoning change might impact the Carafem clinic, 

“I have no first-hand knowledge because they have not made any application to the city, so I don’t even know what business you’re referring to nor what zone class they apply…or what they would like to apply to be in. They have not applied for any inspections or any application of any sort.” 

News 2 reached out to Carafem for comment on the situation and we are awaiting their reply.