NASHVILLE, Tenn. – For those looking to get out of the growing, bustling downtown, there’s plenty of quiet space to call home on the 1,600 acres of Traceland Farms.

The only catch is, the beautiful legacy property is up for sale at a mere $32.5 million.

“This property is special and the bucket of buyers for this property is really, really small. The price tag is up there so high that it is just going to take someone special to be able to come in and purchase this property,” Mossy Oak Properties Realtor Jamie Spencer said.

Spencer says the vast property stretches between Davidson and Williamson counties. The acreage features barns, deer stands, ponds, pastures, everything an outdoorsy family could need.

“We do have a great custom built home behind us, but that’s not really what this property is being offered for if that makes sense, it certainly is the location,” Spencer said.

Spencer said estates like this have become more popular for families that work in Nashville, and are looking for a quiet and remote place to come home to.

“They’re trying to create their own place of refuge, their own sense of privacy, a lot of them want to be able to hunt and fish and take their kids on four wheelers and just have that room to roam,” Spencer said.

But the price tag continues to rise on rare pieces of land like Traceland Farms.

Developers have inquired about the property, but Spencer said the terrain of the acreage makes it challenging to those hoping to build.

Traceland Farms has been on the market for about a year. Interested buyers can contact Mossy Oak Properties.