MONTGOMERY CO., Tenn., (WKRN) — Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson warns residents about the potential road dangers as more drivers are expected on the roads following the holiday.

Sheriff Fuson said the worsening road conditions make it more difficult to respond to emergency situations, “The fewer people we have on the roads equates to fewer accidents or stranded motorists.” He added many people are off work due to the President’s Day holiday and schools are closed.

He fears tomorrow morning will be a lot different, “We want to continue to discourage anyone from venturing out onto the roadways unless it is absolutely necessary. We will continue to post pictures of roadways throughout the county today and tomorrow. Keep in mind these roads are much more slippery than they appear.”

Sheriff Fuson shared some tips on how to prepare for an emergency situation if you do get stranded while traveling:

  • Layer up and bring extra blankets
  • Have a flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Have your cell phone fully charged
  • If you get stranded, turn on your emergency flashers and stay in your car
  • Notify 911 of your location and vehicle description

While Sheriff Fuson warned people to NOT go out in these conditions, he said if you absolutely have to be patient, “Impatient and erratic drivers cause the most direct and indirect harm to themselves and others. Everyone has somewhere they need to be. If we work together and use caution, we will get there safely.”