PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — An ex-convict is back behind bars thanks, in large part, to the coordination between ground units in Cheatham County and the Metro Nashville Police Department helicopter that was surveilling the suspect across two counties.

According to Metro Police, the chopper was up in the air assisting MNPD officers on a different operation in East Nashville.

For some unknown reason, a stolen SUV out of Springfield in Robertson County bolted through the police operation, reportedly almost hitting an MNPD officer.

It was later learned that the stolen SUV was driven by ex-convict Aubrey Nicole Whitworth.

Because the chopper was already in the air, and because the nature of the SUV’s erratic actions was unknown, the helicopter followed the fleeing SUV into Cheatham County.

By 1 p.m. Wednesday, the helicopter had tracked Whitworth to a Pleasant View gas station.

That’s where Pleasant View Assistant Police Chief Adam Wright was waiting.

“They relayed it to us and we found them at the gas station,” Wright said.

Body cam video shows Wright running behind the surprised suspect, slapping the cuffs on the 30-year-old ex-convict without incident.

Minutes later, as she sat in the back of a police car, police say Whitworth had no idea that Metro Police Aviation had eyes on her as she drove through two counties.

According to investigators, the Ford Explorer Whitworth was driving was reported stolen out of Springfield.

Police told News 2, the plates on the SUV were also stolen and did not belong to this vehicle.

“Of course when we asked questions about the vehicle she was evasive,” Wright said.

What Whitworth was doing in a stolen vehicle in East Nashville Wednesday afternoon near another police operation is not clear at this time.

A check of her criminal history showed a woman who spent time in prison for theft and evading arrest.

The document confirmed that she is currently on probation until 2028.

“The helicopter is one of the best resources you can have in the police department. So, Metro Nashville is very fortunate to have that, and being close to Nashville, we are fortunate to have access to that resource on occasion, like in this incident. The helicopter followed the vehicle till it stopped and notified us,” Wright said.

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Whitworth is charged with evading arrest and theft of a vehicle. She is currently in the Davidson County Jail.