The developers of the proposed MLS soccer stadium and Stand Up Nashville announced Tuesday they have finalized and signed a community benefits agreement for the Major League Soccer stadium project.

It took months of negotiations. And here’s what’s in the city’s first community benefits agreement (CBA).

The CBA provides a commitment to affordable housing, minority business enterprises, jobs, workplace safety and workforce development. The agreement also provides for inclusive spaces at the stadium and community services.
“This is a history-making agreement for Nashville with significant commitments that reflect the diversity of the community and the need for inclusivity, “said John R. Ingram of Nashville Soccer Holdings. “Our ownership has always believed a community benefits agreement would allow our project to have the most widespread impact on the Nashville community. This is a terrific step forward for our city and its Major League Soccer team.”
“Stand Up Nashville took the voice of the community and brought it into the development process for the first time in Nashville’s history,” said Odessa Kelly of SUN, a coalition of community organizations and labor unions. “This is a testament to how a coalition can bring a city together.”

The soccer stadium controversy is one of the hottest development issues facing Nashville. 

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