MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Millersville shoppers got a real shock Wednesday afternoon after an ex-con came into the shopping center and then began to act very strangely.

Store surveillance video showed a man identified as Jessie Ray Hall II inside a Millersville store. Police say he was under the influence of drugs, possibly laced with fentanyl.

Detective Jason Perry of the Millersville Police Department said it’s troubling.

“This is becoming more of an epidemic, especially in our city right now,” Det. Perry said. “That drug has hit him so hard, due to it possibly being a heroin-fentanyl mix.”

According to police, the 43-year-old drove to the store on a stolen Harley Davidson motorcycle out of Perry County. The VIN and plates were altered.

According to investigators, the man they call a career criminal stood in the exact same spot for close to 20 minutes.

“It’s scary, you don’t know what he is on,” Det. Perry said. “It could kill him.”

At times, Hall was bent over or leaning on a cart. He wobbled, and at one point almost appeared to be convulsing. Then, he ultimately banged his head against the steel cart.

“Families don’t need to see this while out shopping. I mean little kids are going to see this,” Det. Perry said. “At any point, this man could die due to the drug because we don’t know how much he took.”

Store employees were concerned and called the police who arrived and quickly got the felon medical attention, possibly saving his life.

“At any point, if he had narcotics on him, it could’ve fallen out of his pocket, a kid could grab it,” Det. Perry said.

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In Millersville, Hall was charged with crimes associated with the stolen motorcycle, but detectives told News 2, he also has four outstanding warrants out of Robertson county that include evading arrest.