MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The life-saving actions of a Millersville officer were caught on camera. That morning began as a normal traffic stop but quickly turned into a possibly deadly situation.

“I make sure he goes home to his family, he makes sure I go home to mine. We want to make sure the public’s safe,” said Officer Trey Burroughs. As his partner, Officer Wendell Harris agreed, “Kind of a top priority for us.”

That August morning began as a typical speeding traffic stop when officers pulled over 29-year-old Alvin Stokes Jr. Police say after Stokes initially stopped, officers could smell marijuana from the car. Then, what happened next is something that surprised them both.

“It all happened so quick, it didn’t really kick in until later,” explained Officer Burroughs. “I took a step back and realized my partner was still in the way I just reached up and grabbed him, to try and attempt to get him out of the way as best as possible.”

Dash camera video from the morning shows what happened. Moments after being pulled over, you can see the Silver Nissan that Stokes was allegedly driving when he hit Officer Harris in the leg.

“While trying to get that door open, I didn’t even notice him throw it in drive and start turning that wheel, but being pressed up against that door is where I ended up,” said Officer Harris.

In a split decision, Officer Burroughs grabbed Officer Harris out of harm’s way.

“I took a step back and realized my partner was still in the way I just reached up and grabbed him,” said Officer Burroughs.

“My arm was still halfway in his half-opened window, trying to gain control of him, and had I not been pulled back, my arm probably would have been dragged away,” remembered Officer Harris.

Inside city hall, Officer Burroughs was honored with the Live-Saving Award for his actions that day.

“I’m humbled and grateful for it, but I’ll say that I believe any officer in my position would have done the exact same thing,” said Officer Burroughs. “I come here to do my job, and let’s keep going”

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A week after the chase, Stokes turned himself into Millersville Police.