MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Millersville couple with no real history of criminal activity is behind bars Friday on serious drug charges.

It all began after police got a tip that the couple, Nicholas and Jamie Sharpton, were selling hard drugs from their quiet Robertson County home.

Millersville Corporal Daniel Reynolds initiated the narcotics surveillance operation on the home almost two months ago.

“He stated he does sell meth and makes edibles,” Reynolds told News 2.

The operation culminated Thursday morning as Millersville police executed a search warrant, reportedly finding drugs, cash and weapons.

“He told me it was surreal,” Reynolds said referring to Nicholas Sharpton. “He didn’t believe this was actually happening. He said he had only done this for 11 months.”

Millersville police said they confiscated almost half an ounce of meth,
crack cocaine and pharmaceutical narcotics like Oxycodone and Gabapentin.

Reynolds showed News 2 a pill bottle with no label.

“This is Gabapentin. As you can see. no markings on the pill bottle. They were not prescribed to him, so he obtained them illegally,” he said.

Officers arrested the couple.

Reynolds said, “She told us she was well aware that he was selling narcotics.”

According to police, the 38-year-old woman works as a daycare teacher in the area.

“She had gone with him three or four times. She told us when he was selling narcotics,” Reynolds said.

According to investigators, the 48-year-old man ran a pressure washing business and the meth, almost half an ounce, was found inside his work truck.

“He stated he does sell meth and makes edibles,” Reynolds said while showing News 2 various baking components with traces of residue.

According to investigators, the couple has a five-year-old daughter who lived in the house.

A search of the house also yielded, four cell phones, almost $1,000 in cash, a hand gun and a shot gun that was reportedly hidden, taped under a workbench in the garage.

Reynolds said, “I was doing my job. It feels good to take someone off the street who was dealing narcotics to people.”

Next door neighbors Don and Lisa Eggers saw the raid and told News 2 the couple was quiet, average and friendly.

“I’m shocked. They seemed like a couple and good parents,” Lisa Eggers said.

“I’m just shocked. I’m still in disbelief,” her husband, Don added.

The couple is currently in the Robertson County jail. They are being held without bond.