Mike Vrabel was “freezin’ for a reason” Saturday morning to raise money for Special Olympics of Tennessee.  

The head coach took the plunge into 40-degree water on a 30-degree day. Luckily, he had some help. 

Vrabel jumped in with two Special Olympians by his side and held his hand for support. They helped him take the leap, so he’s returning the favor. 

“A lot of fun to be able to do it with two Olympians made it even more special to be up there and be able to grab hands with them and jump in and I mean it is exhilarating, it’s refreshing, being around these athletes,” said Vrabel. “Anytime that I can help them and get to know them and share and appreciate what they do and the pure joy that they have for competing, we got to enjoy what we do and have some excitement about doing it.” 

Vrabel was not the only one taking the plunge this morning. There were over 200 plungers representing 35 teams and individuals.  

Our very own News 2 anchor Hayley Wielgus took the plunge. In total, the event raised nearly $90,000 for Special Olympics Tennessee.