NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For many of us, the most dangerous part of the ice storm was stepping out of our own front door.

In Lawrenceburg, Ashlyn Luedeke slipped on her concrete steps and took quite a fall. She was lucky she was not seriously injured.

(Courtesy of Ashlyn Luedeke)

“I was running late that morning and I didn’t think anything about the ice being there,” Luedeke said. “So, I just went down the steps and slid. My hands were full. I just kept going. I’m just so lucky I did not break anything, break an ankle, or anything like that. This ice is crazy, and it comes when you are least expecting it!”

(Courtesy of Ian Turney)

Ian Turney in Murfreesboro slipped on his steps and said he was not hurt, only his pride. But he was lucky, as well.

(Courtesy Janette Ayala)

This young lady in Murfreesboro slid down the entire back steps. It was impressive that she stood right up at the end, just like getting off of a slide at a playground. But she was lucky she wasn’t injured.

Even parking lots and driveways were hard to navigate at times.

Dr. Blayke Gibson from Vanderbilt University Medical Center says they’ve seen the results in the emergency room.

“Unfortunately, we have seen quite a few ice-related injuries,” Dr. Gibson explained. “It’s always something we anticipate when we have bad weather entering the area. We always hope for the best but we are prepared for the worst.”

“Typically it’s muscular-skeletal injuries,” she continued. “So, fractures, people fall and they want to catch themselves to try to break their fall and they break their wrists or their arms, shoulder injuries.”

Although we saw most temperatures rise above freezing Thursday, helping to melt some of that ice, any wet surfaces will be re-freezing overnight.

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Don’t forget, winter is not over yet. Even the groundhog says so!