Middle Tennessee vegetable crops having good year, despite recent dry spell

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RIDGETOP, Tenn. (WKRN) – Although there was a short-lived dry spell for some areas, the weather has been cooperating for farmers. So far this year, Middle Tennessee vegetable crops have been doing well.

“We’ve got a good crop this year,” stated Troy Smiley of Smiley Produce in Ridgetop. “We were starting to hurt a little last week. Actually, the last ten days it’s been really dry.”

However, Smiley said Sunday’s rain was a “Godsend” helping things turn around once again, “We’ve got a lot of sweet corn starting to come in, tomatoes, cantaloupes, squash, beans. It’s all coming in.”

And everybody’s favorite, fresh grown and fresh-picked tomatoes are having a banner year!

Smiley explained, “What makes fruit (and tomato is a fruit), produce those intense flavors is not getting too much water. So, we’ve gotten just enough to make them make a crop, but not enough to dilute the flavor.”

“We’re having our Tomato-Rama at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. We’ve got tomatoes, just out of this world good,” he said.

The only downside is that in many cases, there has been too much production, which for the farmer regarding the price he can put on his produce to sell.

“A lot of extra crops got put out this year because people were cooking so much at home last year (due to COVID),” explained Smiley. “People aren’t doing that as much, and it has hurt. Too much crop and not enough customers, so people need to get to eating!”

That sounds good to me!

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