NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — According to data from the Tennessee Department of Education, around 40% of all Tennessee third graders are at risk of being held back due to their English Language Arts (ELA) test scores in the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) exams.

Wednesday afternoon saw the department release district averages on the scores, which broke down the percentage of students below, approaching, meeting, and exceeding expectations, as well as districts’ total proficiency on the tests.

According to those averages, only two school districts in Middle Tennessee cracked the top 10 in terms of performance: Williamson County (71.71% total proficiency) and Franklin Special School District (69.44%).

Here are the five best and worst districts in terms of performance on the ELA TCAP:

Top 5

  1. Williamson County Schools (71.71%)
  2. Franklin Special School District (69.44%)
  3. Lewis County Schools (50.42%)
  4. Wilson County Schools (50.18%)
  5. Moore County Schools (50%)

Bottom 5

  1. Robertson County Schools (29.85%)
  2. Metro Nashville Public Schools (29.68%)
  3. Cannon County Schools (27.93%)
  4. Tennessee Public Charter School Commission (27.76)
  5. Perry County Schools (17.28%)

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