FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A substation in Franklin was suppose to be in Rutherford County Tuesday afternoon.

Unfortunately, it never made its 60 mile journey and still sits at the Owl Hollow Substation.

Middle Tennessee Electric said the trailer the substation was sitting on sank into the gravel Tuesday morning, pausing the company’s transportation plans.

The substation had been sitting offline since Franklin because of recent upgrades to Owl Hollow substation.

“When we upgraded the Owl Hollow substation, we got a new transformer there that added about 20% more capacity to that substation,” said marketing and public relations coordinator Amy Byers.

Byers said they finally received approval from the Tennessee Department of Transportation to move the substation to the Florence substation in Murfreesboro by state highways and back roads.

The reason MTE officials wanted to move the substation to their Florence substation was to prepare for the growth they know is coming to that particular area of Rutherford County.

“We feel like this is going to be the next kind of boom area,” said Byers. “There’s a lot of projects we know that are in the works for this area, so we want to make sure we have this capacity here before the people come. We don’t want to be playing catch up; we want to be ready.”

MTE is hoping to have the substation transported to Murfreesboro on Thursday.