BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (WKRN) — The pictures of the 1-year-old boxer, now named ‘Ray’ are disturbing. They show an emaciated, abused dog tied to a chain. He was found in a yard just past the Tennessee state line in Alabama Sunday night.

Animal control in northern Alabama seized the dog Sunday—by Monday morning, Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue, a nonprofit, was on its way to pick up Ray and transport him to their Brentwood clinic.

“It’s hard to not be emotional when you see a dog like that and think that people can actually do this,” Lori Dismang, a Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue volunteer said. “I know there are circumstances out there, but it’s very difficult to see an animal in this condition.”

Dismang helped with the last leg of the trip before Ray arrived at the clinic and was treated for many of his health conditions.

“He was full of fleas, had to have a bath and things like that, but we got a wiggle when he was in the car, so he knew he was safe,” Dismang said.

WARNING: You can see the image of ‘Ray’ when the dog was discovered here. The photo contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.

The boxer was also found with heartworms and parasites and is severely underweight. The group will have to wait for the dog to put on more weight before they can treat his cherry eye, vaccinate him, and care for his other health conditions.

Ray’s road to recovery will likely take months, but volunteers at Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue are determined and focused on his future.

The dog is currently with a foster family receiving around-the-clock care.

“If [his foster family] doesn’t adopt him, we probably have 5,000 people who want him by now, so we will get him into a family,” Dismang said.

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Police are investigating. It’s unclear whether any arrests have been made.

To find out how to help Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue, click here.