Micro-unit housing project concerns neighbors in Wedgewood-Houston

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Plans for a micro-unit housing project in Wedgewood-Houston have neighbors concerned. 

Core Development wants to knock down two homes at the corner of Pillow Street and Merritt Avenue, and build a 4-story project consisting of mostly micro-units, under 500 sq. feet. 

“I’m disheartened I think more than anything,” Lexi Cothran who lives nearby told News 2.

Cothran purchased her condo on Pillow Street in 2019 with expectations that the neighborhood would continue to boom with growth. 

“It’s a growing neighborhood. We are going to have people moving here, we are going to have new developments, that’s awesome. I love that, but when it starts to displace like our parking and effect that…we’ve got a lot of crime, I would suspect it will also bring more crime if there are cars lining these streets. That’s where I get a little concerned and more than a little concerned,” she explained, concerned especially when she saw the plans for the proposed development in the corner.

“They are taking a less than half an acre lot and building a big development on it. It’s going to house 39 units, micro apartments.” 

The special zoning would allow for the developers to skimp on parking, she said, allotting 75 percent of the units one spot. This means more cars will have to park on the already congested street. 

“Pillow Street right here, typically at night time especially it’s like riding down a one way street because there’s cars on either side, and then these spots are already taken up. So yeah, it’s already a difficult process,” said Cothran. 

While parking, traffic and crime are a concern of hers with the proposed development, more than anything the Nashville native says she is upset to see developers focused on profit more than people. 

“That’s not the Nashville that I know and that’s not the Nashville that I’ve known my entire life.” 

News 2 called the developer for comment, but has yet to hear back. 

His plans say the project is intended to address key issues of affordability and displacement, saying it would provide a pathway for residents to remain in the neighborhood at a price point that isn’t currently available. Therefore, promoting socioeconomic diversity that’s endangered. 

The proposal is on the agenda for Thursday night’s Metro Planning Commission agenda.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this story aired, Metro Planning Commission adopted a motion to approve the proposal.

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