DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – New key evidence was shown on day two of the trial for Erika Castro-Miles. Prosecutors hope to prove Castro-Miles and Steven Wiggins worked in unison killing Sgt. Daniel Baker in 2018.

Sergeant Baker’s widow Lisa told News 2 she feels like Castro-Miles is just as guilty as Steven Wiggins.

Just before court adjourned Thursday, jurors heard some of the strongest evidence yet from prosecutors as Agent Gaddes with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation showed images of the pink hoodie that Castro-Miles was allegedly wearing when she was arrested.

Agent Gaddes tested the fibers of the clothing on both Castro-Miles and Baker, discovering
pink fibers from her jacket on Sergeant Baker’s pants as well as fibers from Bakers shirt on her jacket.

“There are consistent fibers from Baker on Castro-Miles and consistent fibers on Castro-Miles that are consistent with Sergeant Baker,” she told the jury.

The defense pointed out that if Castro-Miles was close by when Sergeant Baker was shot, the fibers could have flown onto her jacket. However, there is proof from video footage that she wasn’t actually wearing that pink jacket when Baker was shot.

Disturbing images of Sergeant Baker’s burned body slumped over the back seat of his patrol car were also shown to the jury. The images caused Bakers mom to bury her head in her husband’s shoulder, while Castro-Miles held her head down.

For the first time, we also saw photos of where Castro-Miles was found, hiding on private property under a shed. The owner of the property testified that he ordered Castro-Miles to the ground and searched her. Jackie Adams said she didn’t ask for help and instead told him she was lost.

While Castro-Miles was emotional Wednesday crying much of the day, we didn’t see any tears from her Thursday but rather more of a smug smirk with a few smiles.

Her defense attorney has insinuated several times that she will be taking the stand and that could come as soon as Friday.

The trial is moving quicker than anticipated. Prosecutors say they only have two more witnesses to call, with plans to begin again at 9 a.m. Friday morning.