NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Teachers, just like the rest of us, have had to adapt in the world of COVID-19.

A school day now means empty classrooms and students in tiny boxes on the computer until at least October for Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Greg Smedley-Warren has been a teacher in Nashville for 11 years and is doing the best he can under the circumstances.

The kindergarten teacher has designated certain hours for live teaching where his students can all be together, in addition to one-on-one time.

Smedley-Warren told News 2 whether they are online or in person, kindergarteners will be kindergarteners, which is half the fun.

“The same things that happen in the classroom are happening on the screen. No, you have to sit down. No, we don’t stand on our heads. No, we don’t lick that. Anything that would happen in a classroom is happening on a screen. It is pretty much normal kindergarten but just on a screen. Today, I had one fall out of their chair randomly. I’m like ‘yeah, that happens, that is kindergarten.’”

To make sure his students get as much of a normal and fun kindergarten experience, Smedley-Warren has been teaching all the basics.

But he isn’t stopping there! Smedley-Warren has been dressing up to teach science experiments as well as hosting a dance party every Friday to wrap up the school week.

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