Metro police to step up downtown patrols to help combat crime

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When you’re the victim, a single crime can make it feel like nowhere is safe. In downtown Nashville it’s magnified.

Monday, camera’s captured what police say was an attempted murder on the pedestrian bride.

“The focus is to address all the issues downtown, all the way up to major crimes and major events downtown,” says Davidson County Assistant District Attorney, Tammy Meade. 

Law enforcement is taking a closer look. Starting in May, police and prosecutors are refocusing ways to fight back against crime. The statistics favor the good guys. Police say violent crime is down. The bridge assault was a domestic attack, a rarity in this area. 

Thursday’s Game 7 will attract thousands more people to Broadway. Police Commander, Gordon Howey will have more of these patrols in place, beefed up units, more eyes and attention to assure people feel comfortable.

“We really plan and prepare and anticipate what may happen and use tremendous amount of additional resources to make sure everybody is going to be safe,” Howey says. 

It’s what Tootsie’s owner Steve Smith wants to see. But from his point of view, he wants more officers.  

His take on crime is different. 

“It’s getting bad enough now the tourists are starting to feel it. I just think we need some police officers, more or less, walking the beat downtown,” says Smith. 

This is part of the plan, says law enforcement. And part of their pledge to make a great place, better. 

“It’s important for us to have a presence down there and say come to Nashville, come to downtown, enjoy yourselves,” says Meade. “We are going to do everything humanly possible to keep you safe.”  

According to police, central precinct, which is downtown, has 91 fewer crimes reported, year to date, than 2017.  

The majority of downtown crimes continue to be property crimes. Law enforcement will also be taking a closer look at homelessness and mental health issues in this area.  

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