Metro police to evaluate handling of previous complaint about Anthony Warner building bombs

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Metro Nashville Police Department will evaluate its handling of a complaint from last year that claimed Anthony Warner was making a bomb in his RV. Police said Warner was killed when he blew up his RV in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning.

During Thursday’s press briefing, News 2 asked Mayor John Cooper if he felt the police department could’ve done more when alerted to Warner in 2019.

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“Should we have done more, and I find myself going hindsight is 2020,” Cooper said. “I know the [police] chief is committed to a professional, transparent process to make sure that we learn from this and that we’re better at response. I’ve also asked the FBI and we’ll ask the TBI for their opinion. I’ve asked numerous other parties for their opinion. This is a hard space. There are lots of rules. I know the department is dedicated to applying the law equally to all parties and this may be a challenge that America will keep facing and we have to be excellent in knowing how we respond to it and do a good job.”

Documents showed Metro officers responded on Aug. 21, 2019 to a report of Warner’s girlfriend being suicidal. She told them at the time that Warner was “building bombs in the RV trailer at his residence” on Bakertown Road, police said.

Metro police tried making contact with Warner but did not have a search warrant and did not search the RV. The department said, “at no time was there any evidence of a crime detected and no additional action was taken.”

Metro police Chief John Drake said he felt they did everything they could without violating anyone’s rights, but he’s ordering an “incident after action” report to evaluate their procedures. 

“We feel that we’ve done everything that we can do but we are still doing to evaluate our procedures to try to identify any gaps so I’m ordering an ‘incident after action’ report,” Chief Drake said. “That would take us from the initial call that was made back in August and we can critique the entire thing to see if there’s anything that we could’ve done better. We’ve also reached out to different colleagues around the country who say the same thing that we’ve done all we could do other than violate this person’s rights and so that is not something that we wanted to do but we will look for any gaps.”

Chief Drake said they’re also trying to get an officer on the Joint Terrorism Task Force so they can work more closely with the FBI.

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