Metro officer helps wrangle Coyote from bathroom at Music City Center

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It was a night Metro police Officer Brenna Hosey won’t soon forget. 

According to the Music City Center, around 10:20 p.m. Sunday night, a Coyote ran past one of the security checkpoints. It entered the MCC and went to the exhibit hall where team members were working. 

MCC officials said the team was able to lock the coyote in the men’s bathroom and contact police. 

That’s where officer Hosey steps in. 

“So I get on one of the talk around channels and I’m talking to the guys and we’re like do we actually think this is a coyote or is it just a German Shephard or a dog that got loose?”

Hosey and several of her other officers arrived at the Music City Center to check out the call. To her surprise, it wasn’t a dog. 

“So I round the corner expecting a dog and I look around the corner and sure enough like perched up on the sink is a coyote,” said Hosey. 

The patrol officer said she dispatched animal control to help wrangle the coyote. After a while, animal control arrived with two catch poles, officer Hosey took one of them. 

They were able to loop the coyote with the catch poles and get it to the ground safely. 

“I kind of just noticed how terrified he was and that bothered me. I felt so bad for him. He was just trembling and I could tell he just wanted to get out of there he just didn’t know how,”  said Hosey. 

Hosey asked animal control what was next for the coyote. When she heard it would be euthanized, she offered to drop it back off in the wild with her patrol car. She said she loaded him up in the back of her car and she and a few other officers released him into the wild. 

“He hadn’t done anything wrong. He’s a wild animal whose habitat is the woods but Nashville is slowly moving out and some of those woods are being taken away, which isn’t a bad thing but he had nowhere else to go and he ran to where he thought was going to be a safe place.”  

She said the coyote showed no acts of aggression towards them. 

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