Metro council approves $2.25 million settlement for Daniel Hambrick estate

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville Metro Council approved a civil rights settlement for $2.25 million towards Daniel Hambrick’s estate on Tuesday night.

“It symbolizes some repentance, it’s a small gesture,” Pastor Howard Jones said. “I don’t know that you can ever put a price on a life.”

Hambrick was shot and killed in July 2018 in North Nashville. A Metro Police Officer is awaiting trial in July for a first-degree murder charge.

The Metro Department of Law will pay out the claim from the Judgements and Losses Fund. Jones is hoping the amount will give the Hambrick family some peace as they await Officer Andrew Delke’s trial.

“It’s been a long time and this of course snatches the scab off of the wound,” Jones said.

There is no confirmation on who controls Hambrick’s estate. But the family released a statement with their attorneys after the council’s approval. You can read the full statement below:

On behalf of Daniel Hambrick’s family, we appreciate the fact that Metro has taken at least
modest accountability for Daniel’s murder at the hands of Metro Nashville Police Officer
Andrew Delke.

We first want to express our gratitude to all of the survivors, activists, and organizers who have pushed Nashville to begin taking accountability for police misconduct over the course of the past five years. To the members of Gideon’s Army, for publishing the Driving While Black report and letting white Nashville know what black Nashville had already known for decades. To Ms. Sheila Clemmons, for her tireless advocacy on behalf of both her own son, Jocques, as well as Daniel. To the members of Community Oversight Now, for their unflagging belief that the people would choose justice if given the chance. To the thousands of voters who voted “yes” on the Community Oversight Board referendum, for investing in the structural reforms we so desperately need. And to the members, staff, and leadership of the Community Oversight Board, for putting in the work to achieve meaningful police accountability in Nashville.

All that said – while $2.25 million may be a record-breaking police misconduct settlement for
Nashville, it is paltry when compared with what other cities have done to show that black lives matter. In Minneapolis, the City Council just agreed to pay $27 million to George Floyd’s
family as compensation for his murder at the hands of police. Last year, Louisville paid $12
million to Breonna Taylor’s family. In 2015, Charleston agreed to $6.5 million for Walter
Scott’s death. And so the list goes on.

We can all draw our own conclusions regarding what this settlement says about how much
Nashville values black life. And while we are less than inspired by the value that Nashville has placed on Daniel’s life, we remember the pivotal role that Daniel’s murder played in the passage of the Community Oversight Board referendum. For that, we are forever grateful.”

Attorneys Joy Kimbrough and Kyle Mothershead
Attorneys for the family of Daniel Hambric

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