Metro, Belle Meade police search for teen suspects in investigation involving multiple vehicle break-ins

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Multiple police agencies from Nashville to Belle Meade to possibly Brentwood are now investigating a multi-jurisdictional crime wave that started Tuesday morning.

Surveillance footage indicated the bandits, at least 2 young men in their teens, began breaking into cars parked in Forest Hills off Woodlawn Drive.

That’s where Ring Doorbell video shows the hoodie-wearing bad guys tugging on unlocked car doors, and if open, going into the vehicles with flashlights.

Beth and Charles Sell are victims.

The couple told News 2, they went for a walk Tuesday afternoon and noticed their son’s Lexus SUV missing from the driveway.

They called the police and then checked the ring door bell camera. On the footage, they saw the thieves prowling around their driveway and looking into their cars.

Beth Sell said, “It’s creepy to think all that goes on all the time and you don’t know about and until we got the ring door bell, there it is.”

According to Mrs. Sell, the Lexus has a tracking program that alerted the family that the car had moved at 3:36 a.m. and was parked again at 4:44 a.m. on Central avenue about a mile from the family’s home.

Sell told News 2, there was no damage to her son’s car, but they took it to the dealership to have the locks redone just in case.

Sell said the duo could have stolen a TV and other valuables, but all they wanted was the keys and the car and possibly weapons, which in this location, they did not get.

“It’s creepy. they are just criminals.”

According to Belle Meade Police, the same criminals who stole the Sell’s SUV stole another vehicle in the same time span. This time, they took an Infinity Q7 from Lauderdale Road in West Nashville.

Police said the bandits use the stolen vehicles to break into other cars.

Police showed News 2 video of the bandits rummaging through an SUV. The camera showed one of the young men holding what is believed to be a handgun.

Belle Meade Police Chief Tim Eads said the guns is very concerning. “Yes, absolutely scary. And never confront a car burglary in progress. Call 911, a lot of these car burglars are going armed now, cause we have it on video.”

Belle Meade positively linked the stolen Infinity stolen in West Nashville to at least 3 car burglaries in Belle Meade.

LPR cameras in the city show the stolen car driving through Belle Meade.

In the 700 block of Westview, you can see the stolen car back down a driveway, then pull forward again. After a few moments, the same young men seen in other video, jump out,
and begin rifling through the belongings of an unlocked Mercedes SUV.

Det. Tom Sexton said, “It’s the same guys, they are wearing the same clothing.”

The Sell family is luckier than some victims. They got their Lexus back quickly and without any damage.

But the bandits who stole their car are still roaming free and presumably armed with a weapon.

Mrs. Sell said, “You feel like you have no security anymore, but apparently these people are out every night and you feel safe until you see it at your own house, someone coming through violating the sanctity of your house.”

Her husband, Charles, added; “It does give you the feeling that Nashville is changing.”

Brentwood police chief Jeff Hughes says his agency is also working a number of vehicle burglaries and his detectives are checking with Metro and Belle Meade Police to see if their crimes are connected.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 2 and for updates.

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