Men use U-Haul pickup to smash into Goodlettsville pawn shop

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GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Goodlettsville police are asking for the public’s help solving a smash-and-grab at a pawn shop.

It happened early Wednesday morning. According to police, the bandits didn’t exactly have a plan except to bust through the business and then seemingly steal whatever they could get their hands on.

Video from the A & D Pawn Shop at 602 South Main Street shows the suspects drive a U-Haul pickup truck into the lot around 5:15 a.m.

The suspects spend a few moments making sure the coast is clear before the driver backs the truck into the business’ front doors.

The impact blows the glass doors off their foundation.

“There was a lot of damage,” Manager Rick Walker said. “Over $3,000 worth of damage to this front door.”

After crashing into the front doors, video shows the two bandits running into the shop. They appear confused as they run around wilding, crisscrossing each other and darting behind counters.

“They didn’t know what they were doing,” Walker told News 2.

As the suspects race around, both men expose their faces to the cameras at various points.

“It didn’t appear from their actions that they had a game plan when they entered the store,” said Det. Stephen Hodges.

Video shows one of the men taking five lap tops, while the other pulls a large generator out of the store before loading up the pickup truck and driving away.

Police and store personnel said they are stumped why the men bypassed skill saws and musical instruments, and even weapons in the store’s back room. Instead, police said they seemed intent on stealing the generator and lap tops with no power cords.

“It would appear they were very unsure of what they were doing,” Det. Hodges said.

The pawn shop remained closed on Thursday and there’s a sign on the news glass doors that are being installed that says, “Closed due to break in.”

The manager told News 2 nothing like that has ever happened in the 23 years the store has been in the location.

“You deserve whatever you are going to get and more,” Walker said.

Police are unclear if the U-Haul pickup was stolen or rented. It has a lot of damage on the passenger side.

Anyone with information on the men’s whereabouts or identities is urged to call Goodlettsville police at 615-851-5111.

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