NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Nashville Mayor David Briley has signed an executive order to help LGBT-owned businesses.  This is the first city in the South to do so. 

The executive order puts these businesses in a category for procurement by city government.  

Briley was joined on Monday by officials from the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Comcast and the Good Neighbors Festival in announcing the initiative.

Briley’s office says the order will recognize the contributions of LGBT-owned businesses in Nashville and give them more opportunities to compete and succeed.

“What this means is that just like we currently track spending with minority and women-owned businesses, going forward we’ll track spending with LGBT-owned business in Nashville,” said Briley. “It helps us get started to look more deeply at procurement in Nashville to make sure we’re giving everybody a fair shot at procurement when it comes to Metro business.

Briley added this step demonstrates a commitment to make Nashville more inclusive and provide LGBT business owners with more opportunities