CULLEOKA, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Giles County family had an unexpected miracle in a church parking lot early Sunday morning with the birth of their fifth child.

It was just after 1 a.m. Sunday as the family was on their way from Pulaski to Maury Regional Medical Center.

But when the wife’s contractions started coming around one minute apart, the family pulled over in the parking lot of a Culleoka church and called for help.

The father said to 911 dispatchers, “We’ve waited a little long here, but we’re hanging in there.”

Before members of the Maury County Fire Department could arrive, the father told 911, his wife was standing beside the car.

Father: “She is standing outside her passenger door here. She’s just bent over, trying to get comfortable. I think we are really close. This is our fifth child. Usually we are at the hospital and ready.”

The dispatcher asked if the mother could lie down in the back seat, but the father explained the Expedition was packed with five other car seats and there was no room. So he searched for a clean towel and put it on the parking lot for his wife to lie upon while emergency responders arrive.

Father: “Oh mercy, I hope I don’t pass out. You are talking to a nervous Nellie here, if you haven’t already figured that out.”

The dispatcher asked the father to make sure the baby hadn’t already crowned.

911: “Because if that baby falls out we don’t want it to hit the ground.”

Father: “No, and I’ll be honest with you, I’ll be the best catcher you ever met if that is the case.”

It’s about then that paramedics with the Maury County Fire Squad arrived on the scene.

Fabian Oden is an EMT and medical student. He said the woman went into labor almost the moment he said “hello” to her.

“It’s about the time I got to introduce myself to the patient the baby introduced herself to me,” Oden said.

Baby Kyler (Courtesy: Family)

Oden said he caught the baby — a girl named Kyler.

Savannah Maddison was an EMR on the scene. She described the moment.

“We found her in the church parking lot with her husband laying on a towel. It was really seconds after we arrived that the baby came,” Maddison said.

Maddison said the father was emotional and the mother did a great job as they checked the baby over.

“You know, to bring a life into this world is incredible, we deal with a lot of tragedy and death, but to bring something new like this, it was an incredible thing to experience for all of us,” she added.

The mother of five children in eight years told News 2 that the moment was scary and she hopes her new daughter, Kyler, is not in as much of a rush in life as she was to be born.

“Whenever I started crawling around on the ground and feeling that pain I knew we weren’t going to make it. I was just praying that someone would make it to us,” the mother said.

The mother says God answered her prayers in that church parking lot and she is very thankful for the first responders he sent to her.

“Just thank you. We really appreciate the comfort of having you there, it really eased our worries and concerns for anything that could possibly go wrong,” she said.

Savannah Maddison added, “It was exciting, we closed the ambulance doors at the hospital and high fived and said it’s a baby! We are just so excited it went so well and we are so blessed.”

Medical personnel told News 2 baby Kyler is doing just fine. She weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches long.

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She’s going home to be with her older sister and three brothers.