MT. PLEASANT, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man accused of shooting at a Mt. Pleasant police officer on July 20 has been captured and is now behind bars.

It all began when a Mt. Pleasant police sergeant got into a chase with a pick-up truck.

The officer reported that he saw something being pushed out the back window, then he saw a muzzle flash and heard a gunshot.

Neither the sergeant nor his police cruiser was struck.

The truck later crashed, and a good Samaritan who happened upon the crash talked to a man who was banged up and seemingly intoxicated. The man then ran away into the woods.

Police hunted for that man but called it off due to extreme conditions.

Then this past Friday night, Mt. Pleasant officers said they made an arrest of Jacob Pierce, connected to the incident.

The 43-year-old was charged with felony evading by motor vehicle, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, reckless driving, evading on foot and driving on a revoked license.

Tuesday morning, the offender talked to News 2 and denied some of the more serious allegations.

“If anybody knows me, they know I didn’t pull no gun on no officer,” Pierce said.

Pierce admitted he was in the truck when it crashed during a police pursuit, but when pressed on who was driving or if there was another person in the truck, he became evasive.

Cordan: “Sounds like the truck crashed. Were you the driver?”

Pierce: “The truck crashed, yeah.”

Cordan: “Were you driving?”

Pierce: “The truck crashed.”

Pierce has a lump under his right eye. When asked if that was from the crash, he said no, it is from another incident that he didn’t elaborate on.

When it came to the allegations that someone fired a shot at a Mt. Pleasant officer from the truck’s back window during a police chase, Pierce was adamant that did not happen.

Cordan: “The guy said he saw a muzzle flash.”

Pierce: “It was a truck backfire.”

Cordan: “A truck backfire?”

Pierce: “Yes, sir.”

Cordan: “So, how did you get in trouble for this with a truck backfire.”

Pierce: “I don’t know. He said I shot at him. I don’t know.”

Cordan: “So, you did not?”

Pierce: “No, sir.”

Cordan: “You are not fibbing to me?”

Pierce: “No sir, I am not the type of person to shoot a police officer. It’s not in my nature or my blood. I revved down to try and make the turn, and the truck just kinda ‘ra pow’ and that is what it was. It wasn’t no gunshot.”

Pierce is an ex-con who served time for aggravated assault and evading. He was released from prison in April according to TDOC.

“I made some bad decisions and I’ll pay for them, but as far as pulling a gun, anything like that, that is not what I did,” Pierce said. “It was a truck backfire and that is why I am here telling you all what I am telling you all, ’cause it was only a truck backfiring, and I asked them to rewind the tape and they said they didn’t have a dash cam, so now I guess it’s my word against theirs.”

Pierce is charged with felony evading and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, among other charges.

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Jacob Pierce’s bond is $62,500. His next court date is August 8.