Martial arts studio in Spring Hill offers class on disarming active shooter

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At 360 Krav Maga studio in Spring Hill, instructor Brian Peters is teaching his students how to disarm an active shooter when running or hiding isn’t an option. 

It’s training he hopes the 50 people in his two-hour class will never have to use. 

“It’s a problem happening all over,” Peters said. “And, people are just fed up with it.” 

He says after the shooting in April at the Waffle House in Antioch, emails have been pouring in from people wanting to sign up for the training.  

“Within about a week, we sold halfway out already,” he said.

In the training, Peters uses rubber pistols and rifles. 

Students break up into groups and practice different scenarios for disarming a shooter.  

Peters says the training isn’t about being a hero but teaching people how to fight when they have no other choice. 

“If you can’t get out of the situation, what can you do to put yourself in a place that if a shooter comes through the door that you can fight?” he said.  

It’s a question many say they ask themselves with each mass shooting.  

“I was at a concert a couple weeks ago, huge huge crowds,” said student Marie Denholm. “I’m not going to lie, it crossed my mind.” 

“Especially having a family, I kind of think it over and kind of play out what I would do or how I would react,” said student Chris Jones.  

Peters, a firefighter, and paramedic says besides paying attention to your surroundings–the biggest thing he teaches his students is follow their gut.  

“If your spidey senses tingle, let’s do something about it,” Peters said. 

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