MANCHESTER, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Manchester man accused of killing his five-week-old baby has been found guilty of lesser charges. 

Gavin Clark was on trial for the death of his baby Noah who was just five weeks old when he died in 2020. During the trial, Clark calmly walked the jurors through his account of the incident in the morning hours of January 2020, saying he tripped on a toy and dropped the baby down the stairs.

The father testified in court that he didn’t notice anything wrong with Noah after the fall and that’s why he didn’t take him to the hospital. Evidence presented during the trial showed that it was several hours after the fall when the Clarks’ finally took Noah to the emergency room.

Clark took the stand in his defense and was questioned by prosecutors for nearly an hour. During this week’s trial, multiple medical experts disrupted Clark’s claim that he tripped on a toy and dropped his baby down the stairs due to the severity of the infant’s injuries. 

“I submit to you that the defendant [Clark] whatever he did to Noah, whatever he did to this baby, it was inflicted, he knowingly did it and then spent the day trying to cover it up also keeping his baby from any medical care,” said Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Craighead. 

During the trial, Clark’s attorney explained to the jury that there is no good, solid evidence that proves Clark intentionally killed his baby. 

“There’s no good evidence that he is guilty, it’s not right for us to compound this man’s tragedy and compound this man’s grief,” said Clark’s attorney Drew Justice, “Let’s not make this tragedy into something worse, let’s not turn this into an injustice. Mr. Clark is not guilty, and he is not guilty on all counts.” 

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After deliberations, the jury found Gavin Clark guilty of reckless homicide and abuse following the death of his five-week-old baby in January of 2020.

Clark was originally charged with two counts of felony murder. He is now awaiting sentencing.