Man who smoked marijuana in Wilson Co. courtroom apologizes to judge

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WILSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A man who smoked a joint in a Wilson County Courtroom apologized to the general sessions judge for his actions in court that day.

After the story hit the local airwaves, it went viral.

The video in court all started because of a traffic stop on Nov. 29, 2019. That’s when Lebanon Police pulled over Spencer Boston for a speeding ticket.

News 2 has obtained body cam from that officer, Joshua Vinson.

The video began after he pulled Spencer Boston over for speeding in a construction zone on I-40.

Almost immediately, the officer asked the 20-year-old if he had any marijuana in the car.

“That’s the reason I’m stopping ya. How about the marijuana in the vehicle?”

Boston was cordial and honest and admitted he had a baggie full in the center console.

“I appreciate you being honest. If you are going to do it, then do it at home don’t be driving around with it,” said the officer.

Later in the conversation, the officer says, “I didn’t have to stick my head in there. I could smell it coming out of the car man.”

The officer gave Boston a speeding ticket and a citation for simple possession.

The officer admonished the 20-year-old to slow down.

“Slow down for me, ok. Don’t be coming through here doing that stuff. We’ve had too many fatalities out here too many people getting hurt.”

The officer told the driver he’s due in court on the pot charges on Jan. 27. The video from that day in court has now been seen by thousands of people.

It showed Boston lighting a joint in front of Judge Haywood Barry. The judge sentenced Boston to 10 days in jail for contempt of court.

Tuesday, Boston’s attorney, Blake Kelley issued this statement for his client:

“Mr. Boston has willingly taken responsibility, paid his fine, done his time for his traffic violation and his contempt of court. He is apologetic to the Honorable Judge Haywood Barry for his peaceful, orderly protest in the court of which he presides. Mr. Boston will continue to peacefully protest the unjust laws pertaining to a non-lethal medicinal herb.”

Boston is next due in court for his preliminary hearing on Mar. 17.

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