NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A walk led Timothy Adams to ask something.  

“What’s in them,” he said.

It’s a simple question he’s been asking for the last six months.

“I hiked down and shook them around a little bit, and obviously something was in there that shouldn’t have been there, and that’s why somebody dumped them here,” Adams said.

Adams says since that time he’s been making calls, trying to get someone to remove the barrels that sat behind his home in the Myrtlewood Estates neighborhood in Nashville.

“I just kept calling the city and they were very kind and helpful, but they kept shuffling me from one department to the next,” he said. “I would interact with someone multiple, multiple times and then finally they would say, ‘We can’t help you. You need to go somewhere else.'”

Summer turned into winter, bringing a new concern to Adams.

“If they would freeze in the weather we’re about to get, those barrels would have popped,” he said. “Anything in them would have ran down this drainage ditch and would have ended up running through our backyard where our kids play in these creeks…so, yeah, I think they would have been bad if they opened up.”

After no answers, he emailed News 2, who made some calls, and in hours the barrels were gone.

“It’s been a spot for dumping,” Adams said.

According to Adams, this spot sits right in front of the entrance to the Brentwood Oaks Apartments and is constantly filled with trash and other random items.

“Somebody dumped a pool liner about two years ago,” he recalled.

Adams said he’s complained to the apartment complex about this issue in the past.

“They said they can’t do anything because corporate office won’t take care of the trash bin up here,” he said. “They said it’s ill fit or incorrect for the residents to throw their trash in, and everything blows out and blows down the hill into the woods.”

News 2 spoke to a representative with Sunroad Enterprises who owns the apartments. 

They told News 2 they didn’t know of the barrels until News 2 called, but would get them removed. Adams is glad that finally happened.

“Someone from the city was here looking…and now somebody’s coming from Brentwood Oaks Apartments,” he said. “So, you know, we shook some trees thanks to News 2.”

Sunroad Enterprises also told News 2 that asphalt and gravel materials were inside the barrels. They said they didn’t believe the barrels were located on their property, but said they would work to get them removed.

News 2 also reached out to Will Dodd with Metro Nashville’s Codes Department who said they sent an inspector out to the property Thursday morning after receiving Adams’ complaint.

Dodd said they did not have any record of this specific complaint from months prior, but said Adams told them he had spoken with other Metro departments about this same issue before.

He also told News 2 they spoke to the manager at Brentwood Oak Apartments, who said he was notified about the barrels and had them removed already.

The inspector discovered additional debris found on the property and issued an abatement letter.

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Dodd said per the inspector, he believes the area where the barrels were sits on Brentwood Oak Apartments’ property.

Codes’ inspection team will follow regular protocol and schedule a follow up inspection if the violation has not been addressed.