LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Lawrence County deputies are still recovering mentally Friday from a terrible ordeal they experienced Tuesday night.

It started with a traffic stop and quickly escalated into a chase with an armed suspect, Zackery James Cadeau, who shot himself at the end of the situation.

The chase began around 8 pm Tuesday night. Sheriff John Myers says it was a traffic stop in the middle of town.

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Deputies quickly determined the 32-year-old driver was armed and asked him to get out of the car. Cadeau drove away and got stuck nearby.

Deputies closed in on him a second time, and he punched it again, this time making slight contact with one of the deputies who was not harmed.

On body cam you hear the deputy talk over the radio, “He just hit me, ran over my foot.”

“My deputy goes up and tries to get him out of the vehicle and that is when he realizes he has a gun. When he does he runs over one of my deputy’s legs,” said Sheriff John Myers. “He wasn’t injured.”

According to the Michigan Dept of Corrections, Cadeau has a lengthy prison record that dates back to 2009 when he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a home invasion.

On Tuesday night, after a five-mile chase, Cadeau pulled over. Deputies then jumped out, hollering for him to surrender.

Deputy: “Show me your hands. Get out of the vehicle.”

Deputies approach, prepared to make a felony take down, when suddenly everything changes.

Deputy: “Hey, he has a gun.”

On one deputy’s body cam, you can see Cadeau holding a handgun to his own head.

Deputy: “Hey, put the gun down, bro put the gun down.”

Deputies plead with the suspect to put the gun down.

Deputy: “It’s not worth it, Zack listen to me please don’t.”

Cadeau pulled the trigger. Deputies call for help and begin CPR on the driver.

Cadeau was life-flighted to Vanderbilt where he was ultimately pronounced dead.

“You know, the goal in a pursuit is to end it peacefully and they don’t always turn out like that,” Sheriff Myers said.

According to the sheriff, investigators may never know why events transpired as they did.

“We have a dangerous job, and we never know what kind of day the person’s had when we go up and make contact with them. You can have a naturally good person, who has just had a really bad day and there’s potential for violence.”

The sheriff told News 2 that both his deputies are taking the episode pretty hard and the department is offering them counseling to cope with the tragedy.

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According to Michigan DOC officials, Zackery James Cadeau was paroled on May 12th of this year.