ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (WKRN) — There were some tense moments in Ashland City last weekend after a man recently released from jail allegedly fought officers, grabbed a Taser, and ran off into the woods, sparking an hours-long manhunt.

The situation first unfolded around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 29 on Jasmine Row. That’s where members of the Ashland City Police Department responded to calls of a suspicious vehicle turning its lights on and off.

A man — identified by officials as Christopher Conner, 28, of Murfreesboro — was found in the driver’s seat of a Chrysler Pacifica van.

The incident report indicated Conner was with a female and was “extremely nervous to the point of having face tremors and visibly and uncontrollably shaking.”

As seen in the bodycam footage News 2 obtained, when the officer asked what Conner was up to, he replied, “I’m waiting on my friend to come out right now out of the house.”

Police also asked if Conner had his ID with him, but Conner said it was in the house. Then, Conner was asked for paperwork on the van, causing him to fumble around looking for any. After a few minutes, the officer heard from dispatch that some of the information Conner provided verbally was not checking out.

The video shows Conner appearing agitated as the officer got closer to the window.

“Calm down…The information you’re giving me isn’t coming back…and you’re shaking like a leaf,” the officer said.

“No I’m not, sir,” Conner replied.

At this point, the officer asked Conner to exit the van, which rattled him more.

“I’m giving you everything that I have!” the Murfreesboro man insisted.

On the bodycam, you can hear the van’s engine revving and the tires spinning, but the vehicle barely moved because Conner had the electronic parking brake engaged, authorities said.

“Put it in park! Put it in park!” police shouted repeatedly.

During this incident, officers tried to remove Conner from the van, but he kept closing the driver’s side door.

When authorities ordered Conner to stop and take his foot off the accelerator, he screamed, “Sir, I’m literally getting it off the ground!”

The situation quickly intensified as police used their batons to break the glass. Then, at least one officer pulled out his Taser and deployed it on the 28-year-old. There was a scuffle in the front seat of the van as authorities commanded Conner to get out of the vehicle while he kept insisting he was trying to do so.

However, Conner somehow managed to avoid being tased and grabbed the device, which fell to the ground as the man dashed into the dark and thorny woods.

After about four hours of searching, Ashland City officers and Cheatham County deputies managed to track down and cuff Conner, bringing him out of the woods about a quarter mile away from the original scene.

“He said he just got out the other day from Bedford County two days ago,” one of the law enforcement officers said on the bodycam.

When officers searched the stolen van, they found a loaded 9mm gun, in addition to a loaded drum magazine.

According to authorities, Conner is being held in the Cheatham County Jail without bail ahead of his Sept. 6 court date. He has been charged with criminal impersonation, three counts of aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest, evading arrest on foot, driving on a suspended license, violating an order of protection, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.