Man facing homicide charges was behind bars less than 48 hours earlier

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A West Nashville family is outraged and questioning the judicial system after a man they had arrested was released and less than 48 hours later is now facing homicide charges.  

In the typically quiet West Nashville neighborhood on Saturday afternoon Dec. 21, cell phone video captured the family’s encounter with Brandon Brown.  

Kim Ingram says Brown knocked on her door and her brother answered.  

“Complete stranger. We have no idea who this man is, we’ve never seen him before in our lives,” Ingram explained.    

She says her brother called police, but Brown ended up coming back a second time and getting in a physical altercation with her brother until police arrived. 

Police: Blind, homeless man beat to death with fire extinguisher in downtown Nashville

“It took like five or six of them to get him out of here and he was like fighting all of them.”  

A police report says Brown yelled at the officers multiple times ” kill me” and that they pepper-sprayed him twice before handcuffing him.  

Brown was taken to the hospital and later booked into jail, but back on the streets hours later without having to pay a bond through the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office pretrial service.  

“I just don’t understand why they let him out,” Ingram explained.   

A court magistrate released Brown and less than 48 hours later he is accused of beating a man to death with a fire extinguisher.  

“I just couldn’t believe it; I just could not believe it. When I seen he was murdered, had murdered someone I was disgusted,” stated Ingram. 

Brown, arrested for misdemeanor charges, was eligible for release under pre-set qualifications. 

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office says pretrial services are designed to maximize the release of qualified defendants from custody on non-financial conditions. One of the objectives of the program is to reduce jail overcrowding.  

“I was upset, and I was mad and all that, but I was like this could have been prevented. This murder should have never happened. He should have been off the streets or on a site floor somewhere instead he was beating a man to death with a fire extinguisher, I mean how does this happen?”  

Ingram says she hopes this will change the qualifications for pre-trial diversion. 

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