Man dined, dashed at more than half a dozen Nashville restaurants, servers say

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A warning for servers in Middle Tennessee, after more than a half dozen establishments say they have been hit by a man that is dining then dashing.  

“I had just come across looking on Facebook and saw a picture of him,” Harry Keck who is a bartender at The Rusty Nail in Hermitage told News 2. 

It was a post on a hospitality professionals Facebook page, showing surveillance photos of a man that walked out on a $130 tab at Neighbors in Germantown and then later another tab at Neighbors in Sylvan Park that connected him to a long list of unpaid tabs.  

“There was a big thing about him at several different places and it was like that’s the guy,” said Gina Kochevar Manager of Midtown Cafe.  

The stories all similar.  

“He was really, really friendly seemed like a good guy,” Keck explained.  

“Guy came in he was very personable you know just all happy. (He) rang up about $100 tab said he left his credit card across the street at the hotel with his wife, said he would be right back, never came back,” explained Kochevar.  

Keck said he walked out on a nearly $400 tab at The Rusty Nail.  

“He was buying drinks for everybody, seemed like that guy at the bar who everybody loves,” said Keck.  

However, at the end of the night, Keck says the card declined.  

“It’s very frustrating, very, very frustrating for sure.” 

A hit that the employees at The Rusty Nail had to take.  

“It’s not fun to work all night and then know that you are going to have to pay the bar at the end of the night because somebody didn’t pay their tab,” said Keck.  

However, thanks to the tight-knit hospitality industry the victims have worked together to identify their suspect.  

“We get to share things like this and catch people like that,” said Kochevar.  

After word spread on social media, the man came back to Neighbors in Germantown Thursday and paid his tab. However, employees say he denied walking out at their other location, claiming identity theft.  

The other establishments are now hoping the man will come back to pay up as well.  

In many of the cases, the man gave the employees a credit card that later declined. 

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